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news out of san jose where police are responding to a shooting on south 8th street at east williams street. robert handa just arrived on the scene and joins us live, what can you tell us? >> reporter: we have been here 15 minutes and it sounds like police have this area cordoned off and this could be significant because neighbors tell us they believe there was an officer-involved shooting at an apartment complex here. you can see all the activity, it sounds like police have joined the san jose campus police on the scene and in the investigation. neighbors tell us police responded to an incident involving the young man and they said they heard the young man get tasered twice and whatever happened after they say they heard two gunshots, they do not know if he was killed and say some people saw him on the ground but san jose police department have confirmed they have a homicide unit either on the way or just arrived. i have been told that san jose state university officers were involved in the initial call but they have not confirmed whether it was their officers that fired the shots s
alto and eventually into san jose over the next 45 minutes. so by this weekend, the subtropical plume of moisture continues to feed right into the bay area and rainfall totals will be getting even heavier for tomorrow. so, with that said, flood concerns are with us. the highest, no doubt, in marin, napa, also sonoma counties where we will be watching quickly rising creeks, rivers and also streams. speaking of which, nbc bay area is in mill valley where residents are definitely taking this rain seriously. >> reporter: they are, jeff. we could use a break. it's been raining here in mill valley all night. it's still raining. the wind is picking up. water waves are accumulating all of this rain water. this is the arayo de prasidio. it has a ways to go before it reaches its banks. public works crews aren't taking chances. they spent the day today clearing the debris from waterways in mill valley. the goal is to prevent a blockage or flooding. lots of people will be keeping an eye on how all of the rain affects water levels. the rain is affecting driving conditions. it was a wet trip on hig
did here at the san jose giants stadium responding to medical calls. now the san francisco giants logo, what bryan was wearing when he was attacked was brought in today. >> a simple gesture to set up the moment. david stow placing his son's giants hat on the stadium. he was the first to the two men who brutally attacked bryan three years ago. >> what you both did late in the evening in the dark at dodgers stadium was cowardly. >> reporter: it was the first time this father looked directly at marvin norwood and louie sanchez who sat cuffed and expressionless across the room. they remained expressionless when bryan's sisters took their turn, describing the painful steps bryan has been trying to take to get back his own life. >> he can't shower by himself. he has to wear adult diapers. and i hate having to even say that out loud, but it shows the severity of what you did. >> we make sure he gets his 13 medications throughout the day. he takes two medications to prevent the seizures he endured for months after you cowardly attacked him. >> 32-year-old to four years and sanchez to eight yea
. >> >> they want to fill 85,000 positions. wal-mart says it is looking for 95 people at the new san jose store. new work will begin in april. >> as for the home depot jobs, you have to apply on line. you can go to for a link. >> hgst unit has plans to expand. thousands of new housing uns are going up. the city is trying to attract companies workers... especially given recent protests targeting ge buses and other tech compans in san francisco. executivey the class warfare just doe't exist in san jose. "san jose is much more open that business, it's not as t of a space, it's an undiscod gem, so there's plenty of ps for people to live." a san jose city councilman points out -- while the hou market is hot, it's nothinge san >> san jose is in trouble be businesses. there are plenty places for people to live. >> while the housing market is hot it ising in is nothing like san francisco. >>> comcast wants to buy time warner. 12:10:38 this would just ma too much power, and concent too much power in one giganc corporation.. the companies say they expe the merger to take effect ae end of the year. g
in san jose where we desperately need it. >> right now the trachk tuesday we have big changes happening as you drive through dublin, west 580 getting a burst of traffic. so is the south bay. >> we have a live look outside at the bay bridge. it is tuesday, february 25th, this is "today in the bay." >> thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm scott mcgrew. we start with an update to breaking news. investigators looking into the cause of a deadly fire. >> bob redell is near the home. bob, what are firefighters telling you? >> good morning. the fire department ficks out the cause when they figure out whether or not the fatal fire was intentional or accidental. the police department is treating this property here as a crime scene. this photo taken by san jose fire overnight. shows what the firefighters encountered when they arrived. looking at a small cottage located behind the main house. you can see it was fully involved, the fire captain tells us that there was no way to save the person. too late. the fire department confirms the i.d. the body is too badly burned. it's been
garcia-cannon. >> and i'm scott mcgrew. we start with breaking news in san jose. firefighters still on the scene of a deadly house fire, started after midnight on willard avenue a few blocks from that midtown safeway there. bob redell is just talked to firefighters on the scene and bob, give us the latest. >> reporter: good morning to you, scott. you can see the van over my left shoulder t coroner van here to remove the body of the person who was killed in this house fire here. it is actually taking place in a back building behind the home here. because they don't know whether this is intentional or accident they are treating this as a crime scene. that's just something they do until they figure out what the cause s. you're looking at a photo by the san jose fire department. it shows you how involved this home was, this building in the back when they first arrived. this is around 12:15 this morning. they tell us it was so involved you could see flames from the top and the sides. they immediately had to go on to the defense. part of the other challenge was there's not much room, it's
. katherine orozco, noticiero telemundo 48. cesar ---el alcalde de san jose, chuck reed rindio su ultimo informe de gobierno municipal... nat vo - wait for cue ---este es el octavo informe en el cual el alcalde hablo de sus retos, tratar de convertir a san jose en una ciudad mas segura fortaleciendo su cuerpo de policia, ademas agilizar la respuesta a las llamadas de emergencia del 9-1-1 y la reduccion de la falta de vivienda... ---reed pidio que en los proximos 10 meses que le quedan a su mandato se haga de san jose una gran ciudad de la cual todos sus residentes se sientan orgullosos. blanca ---esta tarde, una mujer fue atropellada por un camion "revolvedor" de cemento en san francisco. take vo ---la victima cruzaba la interseccin de las calles "california" y "fillmore" cuando fue impactada. ---el atropellamien to se produjo poco despues de las 3 de la tarde y los ultimos reportes indican que la victima fue trasladada al hospital general de esa ciudad. ---aun se desconoce su cuadro clinico. top/vo cesar ---dos trabajadores de la construccin se encuentran hospitalizado s esta noche con
a stick to keep him from floating away. he was taken to hospital with minor injuries. >>> in san jose investigators are trying to figure out what caused the roof to cave in at a vacant building. it happened around 5:00 p.m. at an industrial avenue. it is in the process of being sold. investigators are looking into the possibility it was intentionally damaged. >>> cal trans has explaining to do. the new bay bridge is leaking. phil shows us we have a better idea where the problem is. >> we are seeing some water coming down on all four lines but keep it isolated. >> reporter: the problem appears to be leaks in where the guardrails, connect to the span or possibly the wiring con due wits to the bridge light. water is dripping down into the heart of the suspension span. the fear is while the leaks are not an immediate problem, ongoing wetness could lead to corose of the bolts so they have to -- corrosion of the bolts so they have to come up with a collusion. how much will that cost? >> we don't know. this is one of these things, if we experience more wind or rain we will learn things. >> t
. >>> i'm jeff bush, san jose university, where the first meeting of a task force designed to address race relations on campus gets underway, live report, i'll tell you all about it. >>> stopped in his tracks, tonight how a san leandro home owner catches a burglar in the act. >> this is the bay area's news station. kron4 news at 11:00 starts now. >> the bay area mostly happy about today's arabia rain fall and the -- rainfall and the storms to come, even though problems came along with the wet weather, this is video from san francisco, one freeway experienced a lot of flooding and as this shows you, rain on all ends of the bay, the berkeley, the south bay, and san jose, and the north bay, in marin county, the rain stopped but it is coming back. chief meteorologist live in the center, jacquelyn, let us know. >> it's coming back, that's an understatement, it's going to come back with a general vengeance. a little bit of a low, lblt a little bit of a light drizzle, some light showers remain, it will get more the intense through the weekend, packing a lot of tropical moisture, tapping in in to
news because i know those down towards san jose have not seen mat much in the way of rainfall the past several days. muir beach getting slammed with moderate rain, as is the golden gate bridge. inland, love fayette. walnut creek. you are seeing some moderate rain toward the clayton area, and san jose, finally some rain after the past two to three days of being relatively dry. one advisory, flash-flood watch for all of the north bay. there are threats of rising streams and low-lying flooding. we'll keep you updated. impressive rainfall totals. >> we have developing news now in our storm watch coverage. an investigation is underway to determine if the bad weather is linked to a driver's death in the north bay. sergio quintana is in mill valley where he spoke with investigators. reporter: at about 10:00 this morning, mill valley police were called to greenwood way, which is in neighborhood that is very steep into the hills and has very narrow streets. an suv had gone down a gully. a this point police are not -- they're trying to figure out if the weather did contribute to the crash. after
minutes and 101 northbound from highway 85 to the san jose airport is 13-delay commute and through daly city to san francisco is nine minutes. we have this one problem if you are in the city and you need to make it over to 80 we have a stalled vehicle southbound along van ness avenue blocking a lane and we will take time if that to clear and mass transit all running on time and ace train one is one-minute delayed. kristen and eric? >> we have developing news from the east by, police are investigating a shooting that left two people injured in pittsburg before 11:00 last night. no word on suspects or motive. amy hollyfield is at the scene and will join us at 6:30. >> new developments in the delegate of a three-year-old napa girl. the mother and the mother's boyfriend could be championed in the murder. katie marzullo has new information. >> the results of autopsy are fought released but it is reported that kayleigh slusher's body will be released to her father's parents today. her marry is in prison. her mother, sara krueger and the mother's boyfriend will appear in court for murder and c
in san jose just got cloudy skies. a few light showers at times, but all this about to change as we get into the afternoon. speaking of the north bay, we have these flash flood watches up through 3:00 this afternoon for briefly heavy periods of rain which may cause localized flooding along creeks and streams. we could see a repeat into theel afternoon in the north bay which is where the bull's-eye is on the radar. down towards san rafael and just ort north side of the golden gate bridge you can see that heavy rain coming in from the west and moving across the peninsula within the next ten minutes or so. san jose, still some light rain but all of this is going to change as this front, which has been hung up across the north bay, dropping as much as 14 inches of rain at mt. tam since thursday. that line will drop to the south with this next wave coming through for the afternoon. coming up we'll let you know how much rain we expect and how much snow has fallen in the sierra. i'll have a look at that in a few minutes. >>> some of the most dramatic images are coming from northern sonoma coun
>>> right now a microclimate alert as we give you a live look outside. san jose, dublin and san francisco. early this morning, a powerful storm started to push through the area starting with the south bay where it's packing a wet and windy punch. now we're seeing severe flooding. and water rescues including this driver stranded earlier this morning in san jose. it's a tough start to the friday morning. good morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm scott mcgrew. here's what we're talking about. new video shot overnight in san jose. you have wind blowing, whipping flags around, rain soaking the streets but as the morning has gone on, things have gotten worse. they have gotten dangerous. this's waist high water on 87 in san jose. tow trucks are working overtime trying to handle this. we have live coverage on all of these. obviously we're going to begin our coverage now in the weather center and meteorologist christina loren. >> hey, yeah, if this storm system would have slowed down by a few hours it would not be as bad. the fact it's coming in so e
. no word on what was in that package or who left it. we want to get back to nbc bay area, san jose state in response to an independent report involving the three white students and the racial attack what might have been against a black roommate. mary ann, what do you have? >> reporter: that report was afternoon for both the community and students to see and essentially the report found that the university for the most part fold university procedures and policies. the report also found one reason it took so long for the alleged bullying to come to light was because the victim never reported it or indicated it was a problem. >> i find that unacceptable. >> why? >> because we've been trying to bring to it the attention of the campus for a long time for them to deny any responsibility when we've been talking about this is unacceptable. >> reporter: gary daniels lead the black unity group on campus. he says the university has very poor policies to begin with. the next step is for an 18 member task force led by retired judge to meet and come up with recommendations on things the university can
are investigating a fail shooting in san jose. investigators say a resolution accident told them a map was trying to break into the home last night at 8:00 so he fired shots. he says he grabbed a gun and shot at the burglar. he took off with another man in the car. a short time later police say a man believed the suspect was dropped off at the hospital. he had a gun wound. he died a short time later. abc7 news reporter katie marzullo is on the scene. she will have a report at 6:30. >>> in east oakland there was a deadly shooting at 77th. the identity is not released. a transit bus was driving by and was caught in the crossfire. it happened at 4:00 yesterday afternoon. the number 40 line bus was hit they times. no one was hurt. >> developing in the not bay, the search is on for the pranksters putting drivers in danger. amy hollyfield has details on what is happening. amy? >> yes, kristen, they are throwing water bottles at moving cars and school buses. it could sound harmless but it is doing some damage and hurt someone. look at this video of one car that was damaged, the windshield was shattered.
of supervisors will consider declaring a breach of contract against the san jose fire department that is meeting this morning. the county pays san jose fire to be first on the scene at medical calls within eight minutes, 90 percent of the time. in the past 14 minutes they have met that goal only 80 percent of the time. the supervisor wents to take action. >> vulnerable citizens including seniors are dependent on the response times. >> more fire engines on the street, more personnel. that is the big elephant in the room. >> san jose firefighters say response times have suffered because of budget cuts. abc7 news reporter cornell bernard will have more at 5:00. >> police are looking for a man who slashed two teen girls and this man pull up next to the girls in the car while they were walking on california street on saturday afternoon. he was touching himself and the girls got into a different car and took off. they say the man followed them for a few problems before they lost him. police made the two drawing based on each teen's description. >> a social site is facing legal trouble for accused of e
and kidnapping out of oakland that has led to a statewide amber alert. >>> in san jose, a man is in custody in connection with the deadly stabbing outside a bar. what police say led to his arrest. motivating kids to do more >>> a statewide amber alert remains in effect as police investigate a carjacking andkinning in -- and kidnapping in oakland. boards are still lit up like this one in 880 oakland. alex savidge joins us live with specific details about the man police are looking for. >> reporter: oakland police believe this was a stranger abduction based upon everything they know and the witnesses they spoke with despite the fact that no one has reported this elderly man and this girl missing, at least not here in oakland thus far. >>> a little while ago police released this image -- i should say this photo of a person of interest in this investigation. a man they are looking for. they are trying to speak with roy mccamemy who they say has a criminal record for theft. he's known to hang out in the area near that safeway supermarket on redwood road near highway 13. police say that officers
>>> now at noon -- crews are still on the scene of a crash in san jose where a big rig took out power lines and traffic lights. when the major street is expected to reopen. >>> a major development in the murder case out of san jose. why the wrong person was charged with murder. >>> much-needed rain is on the way. we're tracking the storm. we'll tell you when it will hit your neighborhood and how much rain we can expect. >>> good afternoon. i'm tori campbell. crews are still working to repair power lines and street lights after a big rig slammed into them early today. ktvu's janine de la vega has been on the scene all morning and joins us live from san jose to let us know when the street is expected to open to traffic. good afternoon, janine. >> reporter: good afternoon. electricians are working right now to try to get these traffic lights up and running here on stevens creek near the 880 ramps. this is a very busy intersection near the mall and santana row. we're hearing it could stay closed until at least 5:00 tonight. the accident started at 6:30, a caravan of big rigs was hau
.com. >>> more than 12 hours after a big rig crash in san jose, 8 80 is closed after a truck hit a pole that sent power lines flying everywhere. damian trujillo joins us live with traffic getting worse by the minute. >> reporter: it is, jessica. this traffic as you mentioned, has been snarled for the last 12 hours or so. this is traffic going onto the 880 overpass on to steven's creek. they are diverting it to 880 northbound and here is the reason why. let me show you the video. a big rig collided with a traffic light and tore off electrical wires. it was towing a portable building when the accident happened. the driver was not seriously injured but the impact is being felt almost 12 hours after this incident. right now police tell me that the reopening of stevens creek boulevard will not happen until at least 7:00. live in san jose, i'm damian trujillo. >> thank you. >>> a developing story out of oakland. police officials say it could be days before they sort out the evidence they found in a massive auto theft trade. dozens of heavily armed police went to 36th avenue near the bart station. polic
look at san jose, temperatures expected to be in the 70s, san francisco warm weather expected as well. later this week a much different story. meteorologist christina loren is in the weather center. she is tracking the rain on this monday morning. good morning, christina. >> hey, good morning to you. we always talk about averages in the weather department. and funny thing about here in the bay area this year, 2014 so far is we have yet to hit anything average. we're going back from one extreme to another. temperatures this morning mostly in the 40s. we're headed toward near record warmth today, a touch cooler for tomorrow. and then we're talking about record rainfall in the bay area. potentially six feet of snowfall at least on the way to tahoe. so we're going to tap back into the atmospheric river. make sure you're ready for the changes. dress for the 70s today and tomorrow and then pull out the umbrella. we'll time out the showers coming up. back to you, scott, laura, and the top stories of the day. >> it's 5:01. city of san jose faced with a huge homeless problem, considering housi
are running fairly mild. it is 55 degrees in most spots right there. 55 in san jose. 55 in san francisco. 56 degrees in oakland. and 54 in concord. this afternoon, we'll watch those clouds peel away. the temperatures probably slightly cooler but still nice. 66 degrees with some sunshine into san jose. 59 degrees a little cooler into san francisco today. and about 61 degrees in santa rosa. let's check the roads with elizabeth. >>> the roads are playing some hide and seek this morning with all the fog out there. we can barely see traffic at all coming up and down the nimitz freeway in oakland. if you look closely at the bottom of the screen you can see a few headlights but obviously thick fog making it hard to see this morning if you are traveling in parts of the east bay. this is another live look at some of the fog and some of the traffic. this is approaching the dublin interchange. westbound 580 you can see headlights in the commute direction which is still moving at the speed limit. and again that fog advisory still in effect for the bay bridge. >>> a driver in a stolen u-haul took out a p
>> reporter: we're live in san jose while firefighters are still getting a fire under control at a portable building. a man who lived inside narrowly escaped. we just spoke to the owner of the trailer. we'll tell you what he has to say. >>> a grim discovery in a burning cottage in san jose. what witnesses heard overnight right before a deadly fire broke out. >> reporter: and a disturbing discovery in san francisco's outer richmond. more potentially poise onous meatballs have been found. we'll tell you how pet owners are taking precaution. "mornings on 2" starts right now. >>> good morning. welcome to "mornings on 2." we're following breaking news in san jose. these are live pictures from a fire. this is in a building behind a business at 24th and east san antonio streets in san jose. you can still see it's quite an active scene. still some smoke coming from the building. janine de la vega has been gathering details and will have a live report coming up in just a couple of minutes. good morning. i'm tori campbell. >> good morning to you. >> good morning. >> i'm dave clark. >>>
fire in san jose right now. matt keller got to the scene. matt? >> yes, this call came in at 10 or 15 minutes ago in san jose. you can see there is an intense firefight going on with films coming from this trailer. a trailer fire next to a building was the call, and there is a concern it could spread in the industry area. obviously, there are all types of materials and flammable material such as ladders and drums that are set up next to the trailer and i was told those were filled with oil and firefighters made sure to keep the flames away from that. it could create a haz-mat situation. you can see the firefighters are in an intense battle right now at the trailer and the flames are still shooting out from the trailer, with a lot smoke coming out, as well, and they are trying to make sure this does not spread here. is with told an ambulances with sent to the scene to help one person out and they are being check out by paramedics and we will be here, follow this, as you can see, again, the flames are intense at this hour and the building is destroyed. firefighters are going to be here
showers for one part of the weengd. >>> san jose pot club did a showdown with the city. why some say why some are now violating a city ordinance. >>> this is bay area news at 7:00 >> a grim outlook for california's water supply means drastic action from the state. good evening, everyone. i'm heather holmes in tonight for gasia. new developments tonight as california makes aggressive moves to preserve what water is left in our key reservoirs. for the first time in more than 50 years, water managers say they will not be able to send any water to agencies that buy it from the state water project. now, those agencies serve 25 million people, and nearly 1 million acres of farmland. some bay area water districts in napa, alameda and santa clara counties will feel the cuts. >> they will need to rely upon other local supplies, water that they have stored, ground water, further push for conservation and find ways to scrap to meet their needs. >> officials also say they will not make any releases from northern california reservoirs next montd to month to help fish populations in the delta in order
dies in a 200-foot fall. >> motel rooms for the homeless at deep discount. san jose's plan to get people off the streets. >> good monday morning to you. i'm meteorologist christina loren. abundant sunshine, warm temperatures for today and then that storm window opens up. a lot of rain on the way to the bay area. we'll tell you how much where you live in moments. >> and a little bit early but every second counts on the morning commute. the metering lights are on. >> a san jose sunrise, a live look outside this morning, very pretty. it is monday, february 24th, and this is "today in the bay." >>> a very good monday morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm scott mcgrew. a quickly developing story in ukraine where a warrant is now out for the arrest of the country's president accusing him of mass crimes against protesters. ukrainian law enforcement says the president is on the run after signing a peace deal with opposition leaders. this grainy video, one tv station says shows the president boarding a helicopter hours after he was ousted from office. h
the windshield wipers. northwest valley has low visibility half a mile at livermore and 2.5 miles in san jose. dense fog advisory until 9:00 so visibility will be quarter-mile visibility or less but i don't think the fog will lift until noon leaving us with mostly cloudy conditions if not cloudy loan the coast. mid-50's there and the rest of us are in the upper 50's to mid-60's from san francisco to inland neighborhoods. >> good morning, be careful because of thing for, you can hamper your visibility. we have a crash over the altamont pass, and it is on the shoulder, westbound 580 at grant line road, you can see we are starting to see bumper-to-bumper traffic from address at 34 miles per hour and as you continue westbound the area orange is an indication of where the fog could affect your commute. at the maze, we have fog there, as well, and it is passing a bit as we make the westbound push along 80 moving fine out there. also, looking clear at the toll plaza. eric and kristen? >> the western span of the bay bridge will be recristened today in honor of former san francisco mayor willie brown.
. nbc bay area's kimberly terry is in san jose. not just the ice but the dance lore that's critical for ice skaters. >> reporter: a lot of similarities between ballet and ice skating. two big watch parties were held in the south bay, one of them at paulina's dance studio, a place that's played a very important role in her training. >> reporter: polina edmonds took to the ice and the san jose native every move was being cheered on a world away. >> as the leader of this community i want to wish her well and say on behalf of all the people at san jose how proud we are of her. >> reporter: polina's performance pleased the crowd who gathered early to watch it live. >> what are you your arms doing. >> reporter: before heading to the competition in sochi, polina spent countless hours at the dance studio perfecting some of her positions. without skates, since there's a similarity in many of the movements. >> what in ballet translates to ice skating? >> everything. posture, musicality, dedication, discipline. >> reporter: polina was 8 years old when her mom first enrolled her in ballet to he
to be on the ice performing. >> figure skater polina edmunds of san jose will be on the ice again today. the 15-year-old took 7th place in the short program. >> recalled beef products are still on some bay area store shelves. but that's not the case with some smaller stores. >> from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "kpix 5 news this morning." captions by: caption colorado >>> good morning, i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. time now is 6:00. >>> developing right now at 6:00, a tense standoff between protestors and riot police continue this morning in kiev, ukraine. the european union will meet today to decide on sanctions. >> and someone is waking up $425 million richer this morning. i'm cate caugiran live in milpitas where the winning powerball ticket was sold. we'll have those winning numbers in the details coming up. >>> we have a big traffic backup growing now in the south bay. san jose northbound 101. there is an accident two cars and there may be another accident actually in the traffic jam. speeds are 11 miles an hour
jose. south bay to the north bay a live look at conditions in sausalito. it looks great actually san rafael easy breezy down into sausalito heading toward the golden gate bridge no delay on to doyle drive. for silicon valley commuters westbound 237 at the speed limit. that's your latest "kcbs traffic." here's lawrence. >>> weather looking good on this friday going to see some spring-like conditions into the afternoon. grab a jacket out the door. right now some 30s and 40s in the bay area although 50 in san francisco. skies clear now and it's going to stay that way all day. what a beautiful day it's going to be. 43 degrees in san jose. 42 in concord. and 44 degrees in oakland. this afternoon, enjoying sunshine, how about these numbers? up into the 60s and some low 70s about 70 in the napa valley, 69 in san jose, and about 66 degrees in san francisco. we'll have more on your weekend forecast coming up, guys, in just a few minutes. >>> developing news in far northern california. four people are dead in a shooting rampage at a tribal council meeting. it happened at the cedarville rancher
, not any rain. we don't have any rain. hayward is one mile. san jose is dropping down to one mile. half mile in half moon bay the only place where the visibility is lower and three in novato and east bay valley is nothing. we will look at our day planner today, the next 12 hours, dense fog and mid-50's. fog is fading by noon and sunny in the afternoon if the low-to-mid 60's and clouds in the evening. it will be mild in the mid-50. we have thickest fog in the north bay valley through 7:00 and low-to-mid 60's with sunshine come out fast are in the east bay and that is why you will be warmer in the afternoon than elsewhere and at the cost it is fore and 55 and hang out in the upper 50's with limited sunshine in the afternoon. leyla gulen? >> good morning, everyone, at 6:01. no love affair with the commute. in the east bay, from livermore, westbound 580 a two-car crash has pulled cars on the side. westbound 24 at central lafayette, 15 to 20 vehicles are on the shoulder. they appear to have hit some debris. we new have reports eastbound 24 at orinda bart station has cars on the shoulder and
on the investigation of the fire. matt? >> this is considered a crime scene because a person was found dead. san jose police and fire investigators are working to determine what started the fire and how that person died. we will show did you know toes from the san jose fire department. when they arrived they saw flames coming from a house in the back here on willard avenue. they arrived at 12:15. they say the fire was intense. >> we had a lot high flames shoot from the structure with a two story apartment building to the left of the main structure. that is why we called a second alarm to keep the fire contained . >> no other homes were damaged. firefighters were told a middle age manned live in the back of the home. they cannot confirm identity. we waiting for the coroner. we are told that a person was taken to the hospital. they say it was a medical emergency not related to the fire. firefighters are on the scene to make sure there are no flare-ups in the house. >>> public health researchers are urge. ly trying to understand a mystery illness, five bay area children are paralyzed showing symptoms si
at the scene. no word on her identity. no arrests have been made. >> the san jose state university community is mourning the loss of a student found dead in his own dorm on sunday. the coroner is working to determine why. >>> he was always so happy. i love you. love you. i will always love you. >> brendon's girlfriend could not fight back the tears. he was found unresponsive in the dorm. friends were turned. super productive. we were really close. i will miss him. >> the officials say that campus police went to his radio after friends recorded him missing. the coroner has yet to determine the cause of death of the he graduated in the spring from college prep in san francisco where he played football. high school friends shared fond memories. >> he is one of the guys that just knew how to prime your day. >> the coroner says he could have information on the delegate by tuesday. the answers that the friends frd family say cannot come soon enough. >>> happening today, protesters will put senator feinstein's pacific heights home under surveillance to protest n.s.a. and data collection programs ch
is in san jose where fellow firefighters are in shot. >> reporter: that's right. he was arrested here where he recently worked in the administrative building behind me. he was training to become an outreach officer. in this role, he would have worked with children in this community that tonight says it is angry, disappointed, and shocked. >> how many years? >> going on 18. >> reporter: for years san jose fire department's mario cuesta wore his uniform with pride. >> i want to help people. >> reporter: he is now behind bars facing drug and underaged sex crime charges. he talked about how quickly his family strengthened him when he came out as gay and how it strengthened the department's bond. >> we are hurt that anyone in our organization world participate as something like that is shocking and disappointing. >> reporter: cuestas was a leader in the department and the community. he worked and sang at saint leo the great parish in san jose. >> he has a great voice. he gets people excited about the music. he has always been ... he seems like a very mellow fellow. >> reporter: the roman catholi
a third of an inch but in san jose and redwood city and livermore half of an inch. and two-thirds in concord and san francisco and san rafael. 1" in santa rosa and that is what we billed. mother nature was following along with what we called for. the rain is moving away and we have a last bit of energy. the bulk will go north of us but it is a possible the north bay could have a scattered shower and the rest of us will be damp in the afternoon with only drizzle and a moist flow from the west. there is the weekend storm, 1-6" of rain. >> the healthy dose of rain does not mean the officials are easing up on the call for water. katie? >> there is a lot mist coming down on us at the dublin and san ramon services district and this is where they treat the wastewater to be used for jobs that do not require clean drinking water. in this drought it is a program they are hoping to expand. >> this is the view for viewers in san ramon this morning, hard rain, wet roads and friend tick windshield wipers. in castro value it makes for dangerous driving conditions but the wet weather is a
this evening. lots of rain fall this morning, messy commute, san jose 2/3 of an inch of rain. 3/4 of an inch of rain fall in san francisco. most we have seen this year. saint helena1 inch of rain. video to show you. two different pieces of video. first, today's rain fall caused a few problems. the trail there closed. work crews watched 2 feet deep water cover the trail. oakland, city workers trying to look ahead to the next storm. they are making sandbags available to residents. i don't think we're going to get there. but it's good to be preventative. fire stations and also the city yard. more rain in san francisco over the past five days. then in the previous 72 and behind me right there, that is the next storm that is coming. it's a big one. it gets here as soon as tomorrow and heavy rain is likely for the entire bay area. details coming up. >> all right, paul, thank you. you can track the next storm yourself on click weather, then interactive radar. zoom into your neighborhood. >> new at 10:00, a man accused of stealing a car and leading the police on a chase is spending the nig
, a woman we'll call susan thought she would never have to see the face again. recently, the san jose man showed up on a school campus in sunnyvale, a place he is not allowed to go as a registered sex offender. >> he is a sick man. i can't believe he would want to do something to a young kid. even know trying again, he didn't learn his lesson and to think after so many years who knows from then till now that he hasn't tried. >> reporter: susan was nine years old, a fourth grader in 1994 when she was kidnapped at her apartment complex just down the street. he asked if she would babysit her puppies. >> i was scared to run away. i thought he would chase me or something. so i went along with it. >> reporter: they drove down a few streets. that's when susan saw a chance to run. >> it was very scary, nine years old. i got back in the car and locked the door. i locked it and i was like, no, so i unlocked the door and got back out again. >> reporter: susan got away and hid in a bush. for days afterwards he drove around her apartment complex. >> i would play with my dolls in the window and he woul
university where he is about to -- san jose state university university where he is about to sit down. >> reporter: that will happen at 7:00 p.m. he never run for office so we wanted to find out why he thinks somebody who is pro choice, and who voted for president obama in 2008 can win the gop nomination. >> reporter: 40 years old, born in ohio, he is hoping to become the new face of a different kind of california republican party. >> i am libertarian. i want the government out of our lives. as i have been meeting with groups, they want the government out of our lives. >> reporter: he came to california in 1998 as a engineer, and became treasure secretary in d.c. his focus is on jobs and education. >> looking at taking the money and getting it in the hands of teachers, of parents so they have control. >> reporter: why does he think he can succeed? >> i think it comes back to the fact that i am the son of immigrants, i went to graduate school, i took out loans. i was worried. >> reporter: today we talked about much more, why he likes twitter and facebooking and to his -- took and to hi
but that is dissipateing. from tracy to castro valley is 11 minutes and from highway 85 to san jose airport and through daly city to san francisco, 280, northbound, under ten minutes. in san jose away from 17 that is quiet with only a couple of headlights and no traffic southbound. the crime tape is up in pittsburg after a double shooting. amy hollyfield has the latest. >>> police have cleared the scene. it is quiet in the neighbor. it looks like everyone is sound asleep. you would never know there was a double shooting here and here is how it looks when police got the call to come to heather wood, with two people shot, a woman and a man, a block apart. she was shot in the back and he was shot in the arm. they were taken to the hospital. police are looking into whether this could be related to an armed robbery early in antioch or could it be a drive-by shooting? they still working the case. at this point we are told no arrests have been made. >> all lanes of interstate 80 are re-opened this morning after a police shooting that started at 8:00 last night in dixon. police say they pulled over an assault
. is this program working? that's at the heart of this new fight. in parts of san jose these smaller squad trucks race to the scene when a medical call comes in. he wants to see more of them. >> they are 94% of the calls our fire department receives is for medical not fire. but we're still using 19th century deployment models. >> reporter: they are calling for the department to release the results of this pilot program. they want to see if sending two people to medical calls in squad trucks is faster, more efficient and cost effective than the standard response of four firefighters in a big fire truck. >> we want to know if this is working. if it's deployed well, it's common sense to tell us that we can respond to more calls. if we have two people in a squad car. >> i believe it is. >> reporter: the union president says councilmen are rushing the results of the pilot program, one he's not too sure is working given the department's low staffing levels. >> we put in the service and it's having a detrimental fegt on the system. >> reporter: robert says a squad crew don't have the tools to perform r
to you. as we see the live shot of san jose here. rain is returning. >> it certainly is. this is they say the calm before the next storm. meteorologist christina loren is tracking the weather for us. we're going to get a report from her coming up in about five minutes. >> well, the world anxiously awaiting the opening ceremonies. >> while the kickoff to the winter games is tonight competition is under way and team usa dominated on the slopes but failed on the ice. >> janelle wang live at olympic park with more. good morning. >> reporter: good afternoon, laura and scott. it is 5:00 in the afternoon here, opening ceremonies set to begin in just a few hours. you can see the park not very busy but it will get busy soon. the athletes are so excited about opening ceremony. but as for the competition, it got off to a rocky start. did it not go well for team usa in the new figure skating team event. the pairs team struggled. in the men's short program jeremy abbott crashed hard. after last night team usa is in seventh place in this team event. they still have a chance to medal if ashley wagner pu
in redding. >> a san jose man says he shot a man breaking into his home. it happened 8:00 last night in east san jose. the homeowner says someone broke in and tried to shoot him. the man shot back in self- defense allegedly wounding and killing the suspect. no further details from police. >>> one person is dead after a shooting in which a ac transit bus was hit. kpix 5's christin ayers reports it was one of several shootings in east oakland yesterday. >> reporter: a bullet-riddled bus stopped on the street the driver too traumatized to talk with us. it started with a fight at the bus stop in east oakland then someone started shooting. >> i heard 13, 14 shots. >> reporter: the shooting started when they got off the bus. you can see one bullet hold grazed the bus, another hit the bus, another the windshield. no one was hurt on the bus but one of the men who got into the argument was shot and died at the hospital. someone drove him a mile away where police found him. they removed his clothes and tried to give him cpr. but it was too late. >> he later succumbed to his injuries. >> reporter: the
but the temperatures surprisingly mild. mid 60s into concord and mid 60s also into san jose. about 61 degrees in san francisco. we'll have more on the chance of rain coming up in a few minutes right now let's check out the roads with elizabeth. >>> the bay bridge where they cleared that accident it was a minor one but it was just west of the bay bridge toll plaza. no metering lights and everything looks really good at 5:00 this morning. that was the time they were supposed to clear the overnight roadwork by the way and reopen all lanes in the incline out the mid span. northbound 880 in oakland still pretty good. yesterday was so quiet with the holiday. so things are kind of getting back to normal now. as far as the number of cars on the road. westbound 92 looks great and typical as well coming out of hayward. the drive time about 14 minutes right now as you head over the high-rise and into foster city. b.a.r.t. is also back to a regular schedule today. they are all on time. they should have about 25 trains right now. all good to go. all on schedule. that's your latest kcbs traffic. >>> some breaking
>>> breaking news in san jose where homes in one neighborhood are evacuated as a s.w.a.t. team coaxes a suspect out of a crawl space. good monday morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm scott mcgrew. that s.w.a.t. situation happening on bernice avenue near story road on the east side. they are just wrapping it up. bob redell is live at the scene. what's the latest? >> reporter: good morning to you. the people in the 8 to 10 homes who were evacuated here should be able to return home soon. the standoff having ended in the past 30 minutes. it was a wanted felon taken into custody. he surrendered peacefully around 5:30 this morning. this started around 6:30 last night, police here in san jose received an anonymous 911 call telling them that this man wanted on an outstanding felony arrest warrant was in the home. when police arrived he refused to come out. they had to call in merge which is san jose's version of s.w.a.t. team. they surrounded the home, they spoke with the man throughout the night. other people in the home came out unharmed so it b
headed into the maze. >> eric and kristen? >> veteran san jose firefighter is held without bill accused of stunning crimes laning from sexual crimes against children to selling them drugs. katie marzullo is at san jose fire department with details we broke at abc7 news at eleven. >> this is fire station one where mario cuestas worked until six months ago when he was injured and forced into administration position. the 53-year-old in that position working as a community outreach officer -- going into neighborhood associations, schools and churches. mario cuestas is accused selling methamphetamine to high school students. sources say he is guilty of committing sexual acts with children, as well. a special task force raided his administration office yesterday and took him in the custody at that time. they took his computer. the san jose fire departmentdown president says that while he is not passing judgment this early he usedded word "shocked" and "disappointed." >> our hearts go out to anyone who may have been the victim of any crime. it is exactly the opposite of what we are here to do
heavy backups away from the altamont pass, and in san jose, caltrain is shutting down the off-ramp to northbound 101 and that is because of road flooding so we have road flooding and ponding and we want you to stay in the piddle lanes and avoid the solo vehicle spinouts and the hydro planing. >>> the rain is causing an issue if drivers on the roads. abc7 news reporter cornell bernard ran into trouble spots and is at the again again. cornell? >> rain is making for challenging driving. behind me there is a shot of a wet bridge but you fatter in the look slides it is more dangerous. that is what drives are dealing with in the not bay. this is 101 near spencer avenue in sauce let with rocks falling loosened by the overnight rain falling on to the road where more than a few drivers were slamming interest them and popping tires and breaking rims in two. jeff was headed to the golden gate bridge when he hit the rocks. >> i was headed to work and came around the corner and i hit a bolder and it blew my tire and rim. >> scary, right? >> unsettling. >>> c.h.p. was diverting traffic arou
to the san jose streets. you may be wondering why they're doing this. that's one of the things we're going to explain after this. >>> right now, starting to see a little bit of light rain in the north bay, as clouds and a change to the forecast as we go through your holiday weekend. a look at that when we come right back. it's a wondrous sensation of clarity and alertness... it's owning your opponent... it's knowing beyond a doubt "you got this"... it's keeping your head down, your eye on the ball, and knocking it out of the park... it's getting in the zone... it's keeping on your toes... on target... on top... focus is staring the world in the face and saying "bring it"... focus is power... focus is life... and 5-hour energy is focus. >>> here we go. dozens stripped down to their understoodies for a run in downtown san jose today all for a good cause. the cupid's undie run. it collections donations to the children's tumor foun tags for ctf. 26 other cities across the country held similar events. >> it was sort of chilly this morning. i mean, not east coast chilly, but for here. >> the mid
in on the agreement like this one does. >> thank you, peggy. san jose homeowner says he had no choice but to shoot a man trying to break into his home. the shooting happened last night at a home on pine ridge way near clayton road not far from mount pleasant high school. that's where bob redell joins us live. officers just left the scene there. >> reporter: about an hour ago. good morning to you, scott. after several hours here at this home processing the scene, collecting evidence, we saw them bringing out items in brown paper bags including one long object in a brown paper bag. when i asked the crime scene tech or the detective if that was a rifle they wouldn't say. this happened around 8:00 last night. the homeowner here according to a neighbor is an army combat veteran, possibly having served in vietnam, was inside when someone broke into his home and started firing shots at him. remarkably, he was unscathed, the shooter missed, but the homeowner pulled out his gun and started firing back and hit the intruder at least once. he tells police that the intruder hopped into a car with another man,
open in 201 even. >> the council set to order new smart meters. christie smith live in san jose with details on the plan. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, scott. right now this is one of the best deals on downtown parking in the entire country. a dollar an hour to park at one of the downtown meters. that has not changed here in san jose in over a decade. but the city council as you said, set to double it. all of this is to pay for smart meter stos a dollar would jump to two to help pay for meters that accept credit cards, debit cards, loose change and eventually your cell phone. 1200 of these would cost the city about $1.3 million, and right now in comparison, oakland is two bucks an hour, san francisco up to 3.50 an hour at a meter. you can imagine, asking people to dig deeper you get push back even if it might be more convenient in the long run. >> i think that's cool but at the same time i don't agree with it going up. the prices. maybe people might not park at the meters as much. >> of course there are business owners who worry it might push a little of their
in the bay area and why a particular trouble spot is at san jose airport. >>> take a look at what the storm has left behind. we're seeing what the storm left in the mountains. >>> thanks for joining us. >> we're not in the clear, but it has been a big help. rain soaked bay area, several feet of snow and so how much help did we get for our drought? >> chris sanchez is in the south bay where it's relatively dry. jeff has our latest numbers. we begin with terry on the slopes, i would imagine. >> reporter: near the slopes. i try to stay away from them. five feet of new snow over the past several days. you couldn't have anybody happier than the skiers here except maybe the skiers over at kirkwood where they got eight feet of new snow. fantastic news for people that like to hit the slopes. take a look at some beauty shots. people skiing and enjoying the day. he says the next snow packed measurement is two weeks away. there was about 20% of what we should have by april. we got a long, long way to go. when it comes to drought, we're in it, and probably be in it for months to come. >> a sense that w
us with more. >> as you can see, san jose is finally getting into the action, the last band focused in on the central bay, in san francisco, misty skies around the chinese new year parade. and significant showers right now near san jose and milipitas, and once it gets up near the sierra, take a look, 80 up there by the summit and highway 50 the snow continues to fly. coming up, we'll let you know how long all of this will stay in the holiday weekend forecast. coming up in just moments. back to you. >>> all right, thank you, rob. day ten of competition wrapped up at the winter games in sochi, today, team usa missed opportunities for medals on the slopes and on the ice. >> yeah, they switched suit, but for the american team, the results were unfortunately the same. no skaters on the podium. ryan hansen placed seventh, there were high hopes for shani davis who won silver in the last two olympics. he finished 11th. >> it is not like i'm a young pup anymore, i'm 31. but where there is a will there is a way. i feel there is a lot more i can do better than i did. it is just unfortunate tha
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